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      The Premier Ultimate League and VC Ultimate are proud to present the 2023 Player Sponsorship Program

      2023 Player Sponsorship Program Teams

      Sliding Scale Pricing

      First, we are offering three different levels for the PSP jerseys to invite a broader part of the community to participate. In addition to the original $150 Full Rate, we’re also offering a Solidarity Rate of $100 and  Redistribution Rate of $200. We encourage our fans to select the amount that feels most appropriate to their financial ability.

      Jerseys are sold on a first come, first serve basis - so if there is a player you want, the sooner you act, the better! When the player’s jersey has sold out, the store will update to reflect that there are no more jerseys available for them.  

      The PUL and VC ask that when considering your purchase, please consult Both/And’s model for determining wealth status. The inspiration for our sliding scale pricing for PSP jerseys comes directly from Both/And, a collective of anti-oppression facilitators, educators, and organizers. We appreciate their work and the work of Resource Generation  in creating the original model of the “Class Privilege Quiz”. 

      Learn more about the PSP Sliding Scale

      Sweepstakes Tickets

      Second, with the understanding that all of the bid levels may not be within the reach of everyone’s budgets, we are also offering $25 tickets.

      Sweepstakes tickets will be available in each team's shop, and the winner will receive a PSP jersey of their choice – any player from any team! Odds of winning depends on total tickets sold; we will draw a jersey winner for every 10 tickets sold (i.e. 20 tickets sold = 2 draws, 50 tickets sold = 5 draws, etc).

      Winners will be selected shortly after PSP ends on March 9th at 12pm ET.

      We hope that these options do more to honor and reflect the financial realities of our community. We could not do this work without your support.

      Please contact the Premier Ultimate League for additional information.

      The Premier Ultimate League Player Sponsorship Program will close on March 9, 2023 at 12pm ET.

      Get Sponsoring!

      Questions? Write to us at and we'll get back to you ASAP