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      Merch Tent 2.0

      We've been working hard to revolutionize and recreate a safe tournament merchandise tent experience for players, fans and our VC team. Countless hours of research, focus groups, and planning contributed to launching the site you're now visiting: the virtual VC Merch Tent.

      The benefits reach much further than skipping lineups – but to us, that's the best reason to make a purchase in the VC Merch Tent prior to the event.

      More Options in Every Size

      100% in-stock rate: Every sublimated style in a wider range of sizes. When you shop during an event's custom order window, your order will be custom-made for you. For large events, this window will generally open 1-15 days before the tournament starts and stay open for 1-3 weeks after.

      Customize It

      What's better than a sweet tournament jersey? One with your name and/or number on it. You can add your last name, number, whoever you're cheering for, or your team name; and show pride for those on the field with you.

      Custom options are available on fully sublimated and spot sublimated options.

      Delivered to your Door

      That's right, shipping to any U.S. address is included in our pricing (unless the product has "Event Pick UP" in it's title, in which case it'll be shipped to the event for free for pick up there).

      Each product notes if it will be ready before the tournament, or ship to your address as soon as it has been made, which is likely after the tournament. 

      Orders ship complete, so please order gear with different timelines in separate orders.

      Shipping Policy


      The VC team is here to help! Contact us at with any questions and we'll be back to you by the next business day.