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      In line with the Premier Ultimate League's vision, this year's Player Sponsorship Program includes a sliding scale pricing feature.

      We are offering three different levels for the PSP jerseys to invite a broader part of the community to participate. In addition to the original $150 Sponsorship Rate, we’re also offering a Solidarity Rate of $100 and Redistribution Rate of $200. We encourage you to read the information on individual pricing in order to make the self-assessment before you select the amount that feels most appropriate to your financial ability. 

      How to place yourself on our sliding scale

      To purchase a player sponsorship at the Solidarity Rate, enter the code Solidarity in the discount field at checkout.

      The PUL and VC ask that when considering your purchase, please consult Both/And’s model for determining wealth status (found here). The inspiration for our sliding scale pricing for PSP jerseys comes from Both/And, a collective of anti-oppression facilitators, educators, and organizers. We appreciate their work and the work of ResourceGenerationin creating the original model of the “Class Privilege Quiz”. 

      About Both/And

      We are anti-oppression practitioners working to facilitate relationships, learning, and action that move towards collective liberation. We believe in doing relational work that builds capacity for collective action to shift material conditions for oppressed people.

      To do this, we use experiential learning, critical theory, and embodiment and healing practices. We are grounded in anti-racist, anti-colonial, Black feminist, abolitionist, and transformative justice frameworks.

      Please visit Both/And to learn more about the organization and the programming offered.

      About Resource Generation

      Resource Generation is a multiracial membership community of young people (18-35) with wealth and/or class privilege committed to the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power.

      Visit to learn more.