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      VC has two main styles for short sleeve and long sleeve jerseys: The Classic and The Raglan.

      Classic Jersey

      The Classic's name says it all: for over 20 years, the Classic has been our main jersey style. Improvements were made, such as removing one of the side seams to better showcase wraparound designs.

      As always, the Classic is available in both women's and men's sizing. Stay tuned, as we plan to re-release the Classic with new "Fitted" and "Relaxed" fits (as we complete our transition to gender-free sizing) later in 2021/2022.

      For now/this event, please trust that the Classic style and sizes available are the same you've known for years.

      Raglan Jersey

      The Raglan is our first style of jersey developed to be truly gender-free, meaning that it was not offered based to accommodate the traditional gender binary of "women" and "men" fits.

      We've learned a lot over the past few years, but our Raglan started it all - here's the original story.

      We developed this new fit by choosing a "raglan" style sleeve to allow for a wider range of shoulder widths and arm mobility; as well as lengthening the sleeve slightly. 

      The neckline was cut slightly looser, based on strong feedback from players who previously wore our women's cut.

      We then created the sizing based on feedback from hundreds of players of all body shapes and sizes, and considering the trend of more athletes moving away from the fitted women's cut in favour of the smaller sizes of our men's cut.

      Which Should I choose?

      Both the Classic and the Raglan are awesome jerseys; you can't go wrong!

      We invite you to review our size charts, using any VC jersey you currently own as reference to find your preferred fit. 

      We based our design choices based on what we felt showcased each design best. There are a lot of options available - we hope you can find one you love!


      The VC team is here to help! Contact us at with any questions and we'll get back to you within one business day.