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      Will we have an official merchandise tent onsite? Not for every event, and when we do it will be different from what we're all used to.

      Merch Tent 2.0

      We've been working hard to revolutionize and recreate a safe tournament merchandise tent experience for players, fans and our VC team. Countless hours of research, focus groups, and planning contributed to launching the site you're now visiting: the virtual VC Merch Tent.

      The benefits reach much further than skipping lineups – but to us, that's the best reason to grab your gear in the virtual VC Merch Tent prior to the event.

      On-site Offering

      For larger/championship events that have an on-site VC Merch Tent, the offering will be more limited than is offered in this online store. Example of what you might find on-site:

      • Discs
      • Hats & Neckies
      • Apparel: Top 4-12 designs in limited quantities. This will likely mean one version of each of the most popular styles (tank, jersey, long sleeve, hoodie, shorts).

      Once stock available at the tournament sells out, you'll be able to order online and we'll ship to you as soon as it's made.

      On-site Set-up

      While the focus on the VC Merch tent at the event will be order pickup, we will be offering a limited number of products that can be purchased on-site.

      VC Merch Tent 2.0


      The VC team is here to help! Contact us at with any questions and we'll be back to you by the next business day.