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      The purpose of this guide it to help you determine your new gender-free fit after our 2023 pattern redevelopment. If you are looking for a reference guide to compare our previous gendered fits (men's and women's), please review here.

      Step 1) Review the width comparison chart.

      Pick the size that best fits your Chest Width and refer to Length as a secondary measurement. Generally, if the chest width fits, the length will be good (or at least "ok").

      Step 2) Confirm or reassess after reviewing the length chart. 

      We recommend checking the Length if you are someone who often finds shirts are too short or long for you. You may want to pick the size that best fits your body length instead.

      Still in doubt? We're here to help!

      Contact us with your questions, previous size order history and body measurements and we'll do our best to help you find the best fit and size.

      Read the full Fitted fit Raglan guide here.