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      USAU National Championships

      We've been working hard to revolutionize and recreate a safe tournament merch tent experience for all. Learn more about order periods, on-site order pickups, the on-site merchandise tent and post-event custom orders.

      The benefits of shopping the virtual VC Merch Tent reach much further than skipping line-ups:

      • More options in more sizes: 100% in-stock rate... Every sublimated style in a wider range of sizes. 
      • Customize it. Add a player name/team name or number to selected jerseys or shorts! Available when the custom made-to-order period opens on October 21st.
      • Extended order periods: the virtual VC Merch Tent will be open until October 31st, 2021. 

      Discs will be available for purchase on-site and online after the tournament.  

      If your invoice indicates Ships After Event your gear is made to order and in production. All Ships After Event gear will ship directly to you by December 15th.

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