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      Fitted Fit

      VC Fitted Fit

      When we promised to make VC fits and sizing as inclusive as possible, we knew that that this project would extend much beyond just changing the labels that we use for our current fits and sizing. This evolution is an expression of our values, and as a company that puts values above profit and everything else, we had to do the work to get it right.

      We were able to nail down the Standard fit for our Raglan short sleeve jersey in just a few tries, and released that fit in late 2018 with our Sublimated Reversible jersey. Soon after, we brought the Standard Raglan to the masses with the official Premier Ultimate League team replicas and 1200+ Player Sponsorship Program jerseys.

      It's important to note that the Standard fit wasn't meant to replace our "men's" cut or be a "unisex" fit, which is most commonly just a relabelling of a "men's" cut; we wanted to design a fit that incorporated feedback from all genders and matched the recent demand trends that we had seen from our customers.

      The Standard fit has been well received, and it also left room for a better fit for many athletes who preferred a slimmer cut, especially those who were big fans of our previous "women's" fit.

      Facts about the Fitted Fit

      If you are a fan of our previous women's cut Classic jersey, here's how our Fitted cut compares:

      • Slightly wider across the chest and tapered in at the waist
      • Roomier shoulders and armpit area
      • Looser (wider) and longer sleeves
      • Slightly dropped collar* with an increased circumference
      • Comparable body length for sizes M-2XL.  Sizes XS-S are shorter, and we now have 3XL-4XL sizes for wider and taller options.

      *This fit corrects the previously common feedback of our women's cut having too high a neck/collar.

      If you are used to our Standard fit Raglan jersey, our Fitted fit Raglan differs in the following ways:

      • Body width and chest reduced by 1.75" (compared to the same size in the Standard fit)
      • Length reduced by 1.5"
      • Sleeve length reduced by 1.25"
      • Overall slimmer cut- the waist tapers in.

      What size should you order?

      As a rule, if you wore a women's medium and felt it was a perfect fit for you, order the medium in the Fitted fit, too.

      If you haven't been able to wear a women's medium due to traditionally gender-specific fit features (such as slim shoulders and tighter sleeves), but you're excited to wear a more slim-fitting jersey, please check the size charts carefully and order the size you feel will fit you best based on the measurements - or order up a size to be safe.

      If you're using our Standard fit as a comparison, we encourage you to review our Fit and Sizing Guide to help pick the best option based on your current sizing experience and preferences. 


      We're here to help. 

      Trust us, we know that your favourite jersey company changing fits and sizing can be a nuisance, but we're here to help you make the best decision every step of the way - and we encourage you to remember why we're doing this:

      We want every single person who walks into our tent, shops in our online store, or orders their uniform from us to feel just as seen and valued as everyone else.

      Questions? Comments? Ideas? 

      Please contact us