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      The national selection Mamajuana Ultimate Club was created with the motivation of having a female representation with Dominican players of the highest level in international tournaments. The national team debuted at the PAUC 2011 games, being the first female team in the country to achieve this important feat.

      Since our inception, our main objective has been to positively impact the development of our female community, providing opportunities for all athletes in the country to participate in the team, sharing knowledge, supporting ourselves with captains and coaches highly committed to the team, thus achieving the growth and integration of our community.

      We strive to provide the best possible experience in each of the international tournament we participate in, and provide an enriching playing environment for our players.

      Mamajuana has grown enormously in recent years, with participations in important international tournaments such as PAUC 2011, 2015, 2017, and 2019, as well as the Eterna Primavera-TEP 2019 Tournament.

      Currently, we are striving towards the Eterna Primavera-TEP 2023 Tournament.

      Instagram: @mamajuanauc

      Photo: César Alcántara / Instagram: @cesaralcantarah

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