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      Welcome to the LatamPro Kickoff Fundraiser! Help create the first ever Latin American-based professional ultimate league. The LatamPro Kickoff Fundraiser runs March 29 to April 4 - 50% of every order goes to supporting the LatamPro teams and league! 

      Order a LatamPro Founders Hoodie and show your support for the founding teams. These Revolution Hoodies are made in Colombia and are the first ever product made by VCLatam, a new VC Ultimate and Revolution partnership.

      Hoodies will be available for pick-up in Medellín, Colombia at the TEP tournament on April 8th and 9th, or you can arrange delivery from the team you are supporting. Sponsors in Canada and the USA will have orders shipped from VCHQ by the end of April, 2023.

      What is Latam Pro?


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